NINAB112 Bluetooth low energy role, +UBTLE Command

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I get the ERROR message when I send the command AT+UBTLE=1.  I am trying to set the Bluetooth low energy role to Central.  The firmware version on the Nina B112 is V1.0.0.  Other commands work fine such as (AT, AT+FACTORY, AT+CPWROFF) so I don't think this is a UART problem or a syntax problem.  The NINA B112 is surface mounted on a custom PCB and I am using the UART (RX/TX) interface with the CTS tied low.  When I query the role I get AT+UBTLE:2.

The command succeeds with OK on the EVK (V3.0.1).  Any insights into what is going on?

by kenichirio asked Sep 13
by kenichirio edited Sep 14
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What FW are you running on EVK?

Looking at u-blox website the FW version for NINA-B1 is at 4.0.0 so it looks like you have a very old firmware.
by grumpy answered Sep 14
On the EVK I have firmware version V3.0.1.  I was informed that firmware V1.0.0 does not support Bluetooth LE Central Role.  So looks like I need to update the firmware via SWD interface using a debugger.
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