SARA N210 : is it possible to find the LAC (Local Area Code) via another command than COPS

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For a project I'm working on, I need to find the Cell ID of a base transmitter station within a local area code (LAC). I can already find the cell ID which I'm connected to, thanks to the NUESTATS command but, since COPS supports only modes 0, 1 and 2 I can't find the LAC value.

Does someones knows a way to find this value, maybe with another command.

Thanks in advance for your help
by Layer_8 asked Sep 14
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Typically if it is not in AT command manual then it is not supported.  It may also be that NB1 networks do not support the info.
by grumpy answered 6 days ago
I may have found a workaround by using the AT+CEREG=2 command that must be issued any time before AT+COPS.

Then, when you register to the network operator using COPS, you'll need to wait some time -20 seconds during the tests here- and the modem will prompt a URC (Unsollicited Result Code) that can be used to locate the cell tower. This URC follows the structure described below :

+CEREG: <stat>[,[<tac>],[<ci>],[<AcT>]

<stat> - Number - EPS registration status
<tac>   - String      - Two bytes tracking area code in hexadecimal format
<ci>      - String       - Four bytes E-UTRAN cell-id in hexadecimal format
<Act> - Number - Access technology of the serving cell

The <tac> parameter is in fact the LAC LTE counterpart as described here :!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=014511&lang=EN
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