SARA N210 : is it possible to find the LAC (Local Area Code) via another command than COPS

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For a project I'm working on, I need to find the Cell ID of a base transmitter station within a local area code (LAC). I can already find the cell ID which I'm connected to, thanks to the NUESTATS command but, since COPS supports only modes 0, 1 and 2 I can't find the LAC value.

Does someones knows a way to find this value, maybe with another command.

Thanks in advance for your help
by Layer_8 asked Sep 14
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Typically if it is not in AT command manual then it is not supported.  It may also be that NB1 networks do not support the info.
by grumpy answered Sep 14
I may have found a workaround by using the AT+CEREG=2 command that must be issued any time before AT+COPS.

Then, when you register to the network operator using COPS, you'll need to wait some time -20 seconds during the tests here- and the modem will prompt a URC (Unsollicited Result Code) that can be used to locate the cell tower. This URC follows the structure described below :

+CEREG: <stat>[,[<tac>],[<ci>],[<AcT>]

<stat> - Number - EPS registration status
<tac>   - String      - Two bytes tracking area code in hexadecimal format
<ci>      - String       - Four bytes E-UTRAN cell-id in hexadecimal format
<Act> - Number - Access technology of the serving cell

The <tac> parameter is in fact the LAC LTE counterpart as described here :!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=014511&lang=EN
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