How do you send email

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How do you send email with LARA-R211 (with AT commands).

Sorry, I am a very begginer. I try SMTP AT commands in chapter 3 of AT-CommandsExamples_AppNote_(UBX-13001820).pdf but it is only for SARA-G3 and LEON-G1...

Thank you for your answer.
by MigNe asked Oct 10
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If the modem provides socket support use that in TCP mode to implement SMTP RFC
by clive1 answered Oct 10
Now I have a connected socket, but when I try all AT+USMTP commands none of them work. I still have the answer ERROR.
I'm saying to use Berkeley Sockets type implementation of SMTP on your micro controller.
I am using the m-center to try SMTP. I don't know Berkeley Sockets...
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I don't think there is an email client on the modem.  You would need external application to take care of this task.

In old time there was a way to send email via SMS but not sure if it would work on LTE:

Most carriers use an SMS to email gateway.  Short code should be specified as the address in the +CMGS command. The email address should be entered at the start of the message typically followed by a space and then the message itself (this can also vary by carrier). Some carriers also allow a subject line to specified between parentheses in the format “address (subject) message”.

Some example SMS Email Center short codes:

AT&T 111 and 121
T-mobile 500

For example to send me an email using AT&T you could use:

AT+CMGS="121" (Subject) HELLO ME<Ctrl+Z>

A list of SMS gateways and GW numbers is here:

by grumpy answered Oct 10
Thank you for your answer but now I must make a communication with url, http post with the body that contains a json. I feel that I will put questions on the forum...
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