Is there a way to record automatically one log file per day ?

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I am using a Ublox GPS + Compass Neo-M8N (XL).

I have downloaded U-Center and retrieved some data in a log file.

I would like to know if there is a function to create automatically a log file for every day.

by Alca asked Oct 10
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Not with u-Center, I don't think, check the manual, for stand-alone logging you might want to consider a micro-controller based solution, and code the requirements into an app running on that.

Are you looking to do the daily capture on a PC connected receiver, or using the UBX-LOG functionality of the receiver itself?
by clive1 answered Oct 10
Thanks for the answer. I ckecked the manual before to ask the question, but I wanted to be sure i didn't miss something.

I was looking to a daily capture directly on PC.

Nonetheless, it was as I thought, I have to code the app. I've seen Arduino could do the work.
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