How can I change the reference clock from 26.0 MHz to 10 Mhz, for the u-blox M7 or M8?

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by Simon-de asked Oct 11
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26MHz is an internal u-blox clock that can't be changed.
by grumpy answered Oct 11
I was under the impression this was a fusible option for a chip level solution.  Perhaps something to discuss with sales.
The G7020 datasheet says that it can be changed, but I can't find there reference how to change it. I can easily open the lid of the u-blox and remove the 26.0 MHz TCXO, and connect it to a 10 MHz signal, but don't know how to let the G7020 know that is now should deal with 10 Mhz.
I don't think the method is publicly disclosed.
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Information on the u-blox core chip G-7020 requires an NDA (even though some companies don't honour copyrights and NDAs and publish such docs on the internet) hence this is not a topic for public discussion.
You can generate a 10 MHz reference clock output in place of timepulse output but you may need a 10 MHz PLL with lowpass loop filter below 100 Hz to smooth out the jitter.
by grampy answered Oct 12
by grampy edited Oct 13
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