What is the latest firmware for TOBY-L2 modules and where do I get firmware updates from?

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We have a number of TOBY-L2 EVK and TOBY-L200 and TOBY-L210 modules.  A seemingly simple question: what is the latest firmware for these?  The EVKs came with 02S-00 hardware running 15.63, A01.03 firmware.  The modules are 03S-00 hardware running 16.05, A01.02 firmware.

If these are not the latest, what is, and what is the difference between these versions and the latest, and where do I get them from?
by Will asked Nov 7, 2018
After some teething issues, providing project information, signing an NDA, UK Distribution and u-blox have provided the latest firmware for the TOBY-L200/L210 to me.  The 02S-00 despite being EOL can be updated as per 03S-00 latest production hardware.  Thanks grampy for answering, and thanks whoever magiced up the help I needed :-)
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For answers you need to contact u-blox sales and/or technical team in your region.  Firmware updates are generally not posted on the website because, in some cases, firmware may be different for different hardware models.  Only the u-blox technical team can help you with this. If you use the wrong firmware for a hardware version, you might jeopardize the regulatory compliances.
by grampy answered Nov 7, 2018
by Will selected Nov 8, 2018
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Thanks grampy.  An entirely reasonable and I have no doubt correct reply.  But here is my problem: I have tried and so far got nowhere.  We bought the EVKs from u-blox direct, not through distribution, we bought the modules for prototyping from digi-key or mouser or similar distribution we hold accounts with for speed of prototyping and not from UK u-blox distribution.  When I turned to UK distribution and asked this question, it took about 4 weeks to get the answer that they will not support me as i did not buy through them and since we manufacture in Shanghai and will buy locally there I should contact distribution there for support.  That is tricky as we have different languages and timezones.  I have today filled out the u-blox project support form, but really, why is it so hard?  Sigh, thanks for the reply, I will try *harder* to get the support we need.  I have to say though, it may be easier to design in another vendor's part than find out the latest firmware version of a cellular module ... mad
I can appreciate your situation --- a common problem with designers in NA, UK, EU but builders in APAC  Regret that I am only an independent technogeek with no power to help with a sales situation. Perhaps other forum participants with TOBYs in hand might have more positive info.
BTW you did go to the u-blox TOBY-L web pages and review the release notes, yes?
The End-Of-Life notices apply to the -00 and -02 versions, so you may not need to worry about upgrading your -02s.
UK is EU ;-) well for a little while longer anyway ...
Yes I am aware the EVK boards we bought in the last few months contain obsolete hardware, another question for u-blox, if only they would talk to me?
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