can everybody help me, what kind of eeprom need to neo-m8n? (eeprom type) thx for help

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by keepwalk asked Nov 8, 2018
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Doesn't the Hardware Integration Manual call out some?
by clive1 answered Nov 8, 2018
by keepwalk selected Nov 8, 2018
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ST M24C32-R
Microchip 24AA32A
Catalyst CAT24C32
Samsung S524AB0X91

4KB (32kbit) I2C responding to address 0x50 (0xA0 when shifted into top 7-bit)
The NEO-M8N has FLASH memory internally that should hold configuration settings persistently.
Where do Hardware Integration Manual write this information, can you link this picture or page number? thx
The NEO-M8x family datasheet describes that the M8N contains flash memory.
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I believe that support for EEPROM was removed when support for Quad SPI flash was added. This happened between the u-blox 6 and u-blox 7 generations.
I am unaware of any EEPROM support mechanism in u-blox 8, hence there is nothing in the documentation.
by grampy answered Nov 9, 2018
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