Module M8T is not recognize with U-center

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I have a problem with a gps Ublox NEO-M8T-0-10 . When I plug it into the computer, he does not recognize it. By opening the u-center program, it is not recognized either. Do you have the right drivers for this module. Should we add to the module the small battery that did not arrive with the module. If so, what type of battery? Thank you in advance !
by AVerhaeghe99 asked Nov 8, 2018
by clive1 edited Nov 8, 2018
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Connected it how specifically?

The UART outputs 3V CMOS level signals, there are not compatible with RS232 levels, you'd need a MAX3232 type level converter.

What board are you using? Please provide a link to the product you purchased to provide some context to your questions.
by clive1 answered Nov 8, 2018
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