SARA R4 series i2c communications

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I was hoping someone may clarify something for me.

I have been using a NEO M8 GPS on my board with i2c as the main comms method and have recently purchased a SARA-R410M-02B and wanted to command it solely over i2c / ddc (on the same pair as the gps if possible)

However, looking at the manuals it seems that this may not be doable and the i2c on the SARA is only to command the GPS.

Now I may be reading this wrong but was hoping someone could confirm if I can control the SARA complelty over i2c and not use uart or usb? And if so are there any examples?

Thanks for any assistance.
by QuantumWave asked Nov 14, 2018
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You are reading it correctly - It is not possible to communicate with SARA-R4 over I2C.  This interface is reserved for communication between SARA-R4 and u-blox GNSS receivers.
by grumpy answered Nov 19, 2018
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