LARA-R211 2G register problem due to APN settings

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Hi everybody

I'm facing a problem with the LARA-R211. We do use it in the UK together with vodafone SIM cards. And as the support suggested me, I do receive the valid APN settings directly from the LTE cell when LTE is available.

Now the module is in an area where only 2G is available and I always get the "cme error 133 requested service option not subscribed". I can't figure out the problem and I hope, someone can help me. I do use the following commands:


Does somebody have an idea, how i can solve the problem with the APN settings? I think the issue is related to the username and password.

Thank you

by mh asked Dec 6
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More likely you plan doesn't support data roaming, or the tower isn't supporting data in a manner usable to you.

Check what AT+CREG? reports

Your network provider should be able to furnish an APN, username and password for the private network if you have one, or access to such.
by clive1 answered Dec 6
Thanks for the fast reply. Those are the values received by the LARA-R211 (from our log-file)

GSM State 1 [lac=0x010D,ci=0x000033D2,act=0],1543806284,0x30125301

State 1: registered, home network and act=0: GSM

I can also send and receive SMS. Only the connection to de vodafone network is not possible.

Any other idea?

EDIT: I forgot to mention, that the same simcard is working properly with the LISA-U2 module by setting the APN settings with:

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