Satellite Phase Noise Information In U-Center

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I'm currently working with an EVK-M8C and u-center 8.26 while being used to another vendor's GNSS chips up until now. I'm interested to know if there is an equivalent information available in u-center for a single satellite's phase noise (Sat-PhN) that I'm used to get from the proprietary NMEA message $PSTMTESTRF,<Sat-ID>,<Sat-Freq>,<Sat-PhN><Sat-CN0>.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any link in the available documentation so far.

Thanks and best regards!
by hartmann asked Dec 6
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So an STMicro Teseo

Not sure if UBX-RXM-RAWX is supported on the EVK, but that can give standard deviation values for pseudo-range and carrier phase measurements.
by clive1 answered Dec 6
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