How do I configure the C099-F9P demo board for reference station operation?

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This question is similar to but more specific.

I have two C099-F9P demo boards and want to set them up as base and rover.  The C099-F9P User guide explains the rover setup and the first steps for base setup (section 6.1.2).  That is fine.  Then in section 6.1.3 it says:

'With u-center V18.06 or later connect to the C099-F9P using the dedicated ZED-F9 USB connection. See section 3.5.2 – “Required configuration of the base and rover” in the ZED-F9P Integration Manual [4] for details on configuring the required RTCM3 messages and setting the ZED-F9P as a reference station.'

where the reference [4] is ZED-F9P Integration Manual, Doc No. UBX-18010802.  However in that manual (rev 3), section 3.5.2 is called 'Navigation epochs' which is not correct.  The same manual does have a section '3.1 Receiver configuration' which is more relevant but I can't find any instructions for any remaining setup steps.

I did connect to the ZED-F9P using u-center and opened a 'Messages' window.  It shows several NMEA messages highlighted but the RTCM3 messages are grayed out, including RTCM3 1005 Stationary RTK reference station ARP, which I think I need to activate.

Any help is appreciated.
by Reggie asked Jan 9
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Enable the RTCM3 messages 1005, along with the MSM of choice, ie 1074/1077(Pick 1) + 1084/1087, etc for the constellations in use

Provide a position via UBX-CFG-TMODE3, either Survey-In or supply a Truth Position for the antenna phase center
by clive1 answered Jan 9
by Reggie selected Jan 10
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Thanks Clive.  That helps quite a bit.  I figured that I needed to enable RTCM3 1005 but didn't know about the MSM.  However, I'm still struggling with *how* to enable those messages within u-Center.  I tried using Messages-UBX-CFG-MSG, but it only seems to allow one message (say RTCM 1005).  I also tried Messages-UBX-CFG-VALSET which seems to allow multiple messages to be enabled, but I still don't see any indications of messages being sent to base to rover.
Yes, the UBX-CFG-MSG dialog can be frustrating, it tries to probe the current settings
Perhaps create a BASE.TXT file, and send that via TOOLS->GNSS CONFIGURATION->FILE>GNSS
CFG-MSG - 06 01 08 00 F5 05 00 01 01 01 00 00
CFG-MSG - 06 01 08 00 F5 4D 00 01 01 01 00 00
CFG-MSG - 06 01 08 00 F5 57 00 01 01 01 00 00
CFG-MSG - 06 01 08 00 F5 61 00 01 01 01 00 00
CFG-MSG - 06 01 08 00 F5 7F 00 01 01 01 00 00
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