Accuracy ublox 6M

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Dear friends, i need to my project a GPS error of +/-5m and I choose the ublox 6M because in the specifications document is indicated: Position 2.5m CEP. But I am receiving positions which have an error of +/-20 meters. Please could you recommend another chip set or i am right to use the 6M?


Thanks in advance
by ferchoes asked 4 days ago
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Perhaps you need a better antenna, or better placement of the antenna you have.
by clive1 answered 4 days ago
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Note also that even on a perfect implementation, the CEP value means only that during a 24 hour observation 50% of the results are within the CEP value and 50% are outside that value, with no maximum error value specified.
by grampy answered 2 days ago
by grampy edited 1 day ago
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