Has the NEO-M8P-0 been tested with NTRIP/CORS RTCM 3.x messages?

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by rpollock asked Mar 14, 2016
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I'm running the M8P (out of the box - installed on C94-M8P App board) connected to a local base Station (Trimble Net R5 via Radio) - it goes to RTK fix w/o issues using the RTCM Messages as indicated in the screenshot below.

Using NTRIP usually introduces delays which could cause ambiguities to be resolved more slowly, if at all successful. NTRIP only is the Transport mechanism over the Internet of course. More important is the Quality of the NTRIP payload. True Networking of course
is better than single base Station streams which might come with long baselines - These form another hurdle for AR...

by IMU-Tom answered May 16, 2016
Tom if you see this I would like to know if you are using a radio from the netr5 to the ublox or just a cable from the netr5 to the uart A port
Hi, IMU-Tom

Same as cuda, I would like to ask you, what hardware did you use to set a radio link with the trimble base station?. I'm currently trying to achieve similar coneccion to a Trimble R10 base station that uses a pacific crest radio transmitter.

Hope you could help me with this one, thanks beforehand
actually I was using the internal radio on the app board (it has headers where you could attach your own radio) in one setup and a serial line into the header in another setup. Usually using different radios are extremely difficult to form a working - if they do at all. So my suggestion in your case: get yourself another pacificcrest radio (and connect it to the app board header of your rover) if you want to do real world testing and have it set to the same params as the one connected to your base. Technically the differences between Net R5 and Net R10 shouldn't be causing you from being successful with this setup...good luck!
I would like to use M8P as rover on Android with CORS base station. Could you please look at my question here? Thanks! Link: https://forum.u-blox.com/index.php/17951/using-neo-m8p-usb-board-with-android
IMU-Tom, how quickly are you able to get the RTK fix with the local base station? Is it faster than when using another M8P as a base? The quality of base measurements is probably much better with Trimble base. Is the overall rover performance of M8P better with professional base?
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According to datasheet, I would say, most likely, yes.



by tsha answered Mar 14, 2016
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That is certainly my understanding, based on representations made by u-Blox. I will confirm when my kits arrive.

It should also be possible to transcode from this and other proprietary forms, into the u-Blox proprietary format. Done similar things with other receivers, like the Piksi.
by clive1 answered Mar 14, 2016
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