Please explain "40 channels dedicated to other functions".

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If you advertise 72-channels (instead 32-channels) in datasheet. I can use only 32-channels for tracking sats.
by pista24 asked Mar 19, 2016
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At any one time, there is a limit to the number of satellites of any constellation visible in the sky - example - M8 products can track two constellations concurrently.  The geometries of most orbits for any constellation allow visibility of up to 14 satellites concurrently at almost anyplace on Earth  -15 or 16 SVs of one constellation might be visible possible at very specific locations on the earth.

2 constellations X 15 visible satellites = 30 maximum tracking channels.

But to see the acquisition prowess of M8 receivers and to see how many channels may be in use concurrently, enable NAV-SVINFO when you start the receiver and before it has a position fix. Most likely the overwhelming data of that report will not fit in the window you have open in u-center. After you have a position fix, the receiver settles down to a smaller reasonable number of channels in use.

As clive1 states, other channels are used for a large number of reasons (and are part of u-blox proprietary algorithms hence not disclosed)
by grampy answered Mar 20, 2016
by grampy edited Mar 21, 2016
Actually I think it is two RF paths, GPS+SBAS+GALILEO all share a common path, the secondary would be GLONASS.

I'm hard pressed to think you'd see >12 GLONASS birds, given the way they equally space them, and the full constellation would have 24 plus whatever experimental stuff might come along.

Still more realistically you're going to run out of compute power first, and it is less about how many satellites you see/track, as much as picking the higher elevation, and more geometrically preferable subset.
Thank you, clive1, I stand correctly corrected.
I will secede from this forum.... I find it too hard to try to explain without explaining too much and risking revealing even the little I know about the inner workings that constitute u-blox IP.  Keep up the great answers...
How to you enable Nav-SVinfo in v8.20 of the u-center?  I am running an NEO-M8N based system.

You should be able to go to NAV-SVINFO, and then right-click Enable it.
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Acquisition? Correlators designed to rapidly search the code space rather than finely track the signals?
by clive1 answered Mar 19, 2016
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