AT commands don't work in Extended Mode

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I don't get any reply from the module when sending extended data AT commands. Though the module sends extended event messages...

E.g. for AT+UWAPSTAT, here is the packet that I'm sending: aa 00 0d 00 44 41 54 2b 55 57 41 50 53 54 41 54 55 0d

Am I missing something?
by Vincent Solutions asked Jun 16, 2016
by Vincent Solutions edited Jun 16, 2016
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It may help if you reference u-blox part you are using....
by grumpy answered Jun 17, 2016
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Oh, right...


I get the "Start Event" (0x0071) when going to Extended Data Mode. But then, impossible to send any commands to the module...
by Vincent Solutions answered Jun 20, 2016
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Extended Data mode is a DATA mode and not Command mode so no AT commands are accepted when in Extended or regular data modes.  You need to be in command mode to send AT commands to ODIN.
by grumpy answered Jun 20, 2016
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Are you sure about that? Here is what can be read in the document "ODIN-W2_GettingStarted.pdf" (page7) :

The extended data mode is used to enable control of each individual wireless connection (see u-blox Extended Data Mode Protocol Specification [2]). The extended data mode is a simple protocol for the UART, which enables transmission of data to one specific remote device and to know from what remote device the data is received. It is also possible to execute AT commands as part of the extended data mode protocol. Hence, it is not necessary to enter command mode when in the extended data mode. As it is possible to enter command mode from the extended data mode, tools such as the s-center will still work using standard AT commands in the command mode.

by Vincent Solutions answered Jun 21, 2016
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Is there any solution by now ?

I have the same issue, running on FW2.0.1.4.
by kdsohn answered Sep 23, 2016
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In the EDM protocol document in 2.2.5 AT Request (0x0044), it is written that the command must always be terminated with "\r".

The command "AT\r" will be 0x41540D
by cmag answered Nov 24, 2016
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