Does u-Blox have libraries and/or source code for parsing the UBX protocol?

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Does u-Blox have source code or libraries for parsing the UBX binary protocol?

Every chip manufacturer (except the rip-off clone manufacturers) seems to have their own binary protocol and supporting multiple chip manufacturers can get very expensive in binary mode. I have a full implementation of the NMEA ASCII protocol which works well but it requires a fast communication rate with multiple messages and/or higher refresh rates.

I'm impressed with the accuracy and features in the NEO-M8N chip we have been using so I would like to explore the binary protocol.
by CJ1 asked Jul 5, 2016
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For the last several years I've been developing my own C++(11) headers-only, platform independent, and bare-metal friendly library which defines ALL the messages used by u-blox 4/5/6/7/8 receivers. The UBX protocol is huge, and it is highly unlikely that any application will need to use all of them. My library allows cherry picking only limited number of messages required by the product being developed. My work also provides a GUI tool for visualizing the UBX protocol as well as exchanging the messages with the u-blox device over serial interface in case you have a dev board.

My work is hosted on github:

DISCLAIMER: I'm NOT u-blox employee and my work is not supported or affiliated with u-blox company. The definitions if the messages were developed in accordance with freely available UBX protocol specification.


by arobenko answered Apr 2, 2017
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You find UBX parsing code in several open source projects such as RTKLIB.

There is currently no official parsing code from u-blox. But if you are a registered and qualified customer you may be able to get some u-blox deliverables (e.g. android gnss driver) that contains code for parsing some UBX messages.
by mazgch answered Jul 6, 2016
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