How to use an I2C EEPROM on NEO-7M module?

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Hi, I am new here. I looked for an answer quite some time (datasheet / forum) but was not able to find a helpful answer.

How can I get an EEPROM on the I2C bus to work for configuration storage?

What is my current problem and what did I do already:

I want to use NEO-7M modules. But my application requires 4800Bd on the UART. I can change this without problem but the configuration is not stored non volatile. The module does not have any configuration memory except SRAM, so far so clear.

I now attached an I2C EEPROM from Atmel/Microchip (AT24C32D) to the DDC. The same configuration is working with several NEO-6M modules very well. But with the NEO-7M modules it does not work. When I store the data with the uCenter software to the I2C memory it still comes up with the default settings after power was gone.

What I was not able to figure out yet is whether the setup is not written or not read at startup. I didn't find time to set up a I2C analysis yet.

What puzzles me is the clear description in the NEO-6 Hardware Integration manual how to setup external EEPROM configuration. In the NEO-7 HIM I was not able to find such a descriptuon. The DDC only adresses the connection to "cellular models".

Am I completely wrong with my approach? Or is there a simple setting I am missing and can be done within the uCenter? ... I am somehow stuck ...

Thank you very much for your support. I really appreciate it.

Armin Schoen


by A. Schoen asked Feb 27, 2017
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I don't think NEO-7 supports external EEPROM.  I see mention of eFuse in protocol spec and I think it is possible to change default baud rate permanently via eFuse.  Most likely this is something you would need to to get directly from u-blox support.
by grumpy answered Feb 27, 2017
by A. Schoen selected Feb 27, 2017
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Ok ... somehow that is a little bit relaxing ... I really thought I am not capable. I somehow was implying that also the NEO-7 provides an EEPROM interface since there is no FLASH or other storage space included in the 7M. But not finding it in the datasheet nor in the HIM should have rang a bell ;o) ...

And thanks a lot for the hint with the fuses. I think this solves the problem, even though it is onetime with no way back. But that should be fine for the moment.
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