C94 (M8P) Not supporting Glonass RTK?

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In the DGNSS config inside u-center, we find the following:

We can choose between "RTK Float only", or "RTK fixed (try to fix ambiguities EXCEPT Glonass".

Does this mean that the C94 (M8P) does not utilize glonass at all for RTK? My NTRIP service has glonass correction data, so it would be  shame if it is not used.

by andersstrand asked Mar 20, 2017
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Looks like, you need to update firmware of your modules and add RTCM 1230 message also to get FIX with GLONASS

see details here https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/NEO-M8P-FW301-HPG130_RN_%28UBX-17002825%29.pdf

page 4: "Support for RTCM MSM 1230 (GLONASS code-phase biases). Without this message, the rover receiver cannot fix GLONASS ambiguities. "
by kchereshnev answered Apr 13, 2017
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UBX-NAV-SAT seems to indicate GLONASS is being used in the RTK Fixed solution
by clive1 answered Mar 20, 2017
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I did a test today with this setting - and the unit saw 12 GPS and 10 Glonass sats. The fix showed:

SVs Used    12        Number of SVs used for Navigation

so perhaps the Glonass sats aren't used after all? I am looking into static solutions - and after a few minutes had

horizontal accuracy 0.014m, vertical accuracy 0.01m, 3D 0.017

Which is excellent for my application. I was using these nice antennas


cheers, Kirk

by kirk answered Apr 2, 2017
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