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Full name: Clive Turvey
Location: Northern Illinois, USA
About: GPS Receiver Design and Firmware,
Precision GPS (Carrier Phase, and RTK),
Raw Measurements, RINEX, Post Processing,

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There is a KickStarter for a shield form-factor ZED-F9P that looks worth sponsoring

I'll be building an hourly RINEX data-logger around this and an STM32F746G-DISCO board, and probably other STM32 DISCO boards with screens and uSD cards.
by clive1 Sep 18, 2018
by clive1 Jun 1, 2017
Reimplementing the u-Blox C94-M8P RTK board with a shield, radio, and an STM32 Nucleo-144.
by clive1 Apr 17, 2016
The Avengers of Shield, out with the counterfeit crap, and in with the new..
by clive1 Apr 15, 2016
Currently evaluating the NEO-M8P, and C94-M8P board.
by clive1 Apr 15, 2016