U-BLOX 7 usb gps VK-172

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I have pna/pda device , i want to use usb gps to support navigation on the device...

after installing drivers for RS232 ( RS232.DLL , RS232.EXE ) # in wince 6 arm

When insert the usb gps to the usb port it blink green , also in the reg the device show active in drivers branch under COM 7 ...

The problem no data come from this port , i used the same drivers and gps usb chip in other pna running wince 6 too but NMEA Messages appear ....

Anyone can help me in this ?

I changed the com number in drivers too but no data from any port i used .

The device i use running wince 6 and it run on TI OMAP ARM , 9 com ports shown in port-test.exe application

The port ( 1 , 2 , 4 , 5 , 6 ) show uart

The port ( 3 ) show usb

The port ( 8 ) show SCxxxxx

The port ( 7 , 9 ) No name

I changed the port speed but it not help in anyway ....

The U-BLOX 7 USB CHIP also work in windows 7 without any problem , and the default speed is 9600
by Blackra1n asked Nov 23, 2015
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I tried to find info on VK-172 but without much luck.  I am not sure u-blox USB port is brought out on the USB stick.  It seems it is only UART is brought out so it is most likely UART or the receiver that you are accessing.

Maybe it is RS232 converter driver that is not supported / working under CE.  I know that some RS232 converters are not working under Win 7 or 8 so maybe the part used on VK-172 is not compatible with Win CE.

You may need to figure out what RS232 converter is inside the stick and then follow the trail to see if it is supported by CE.
by grumpy answered Nov 23, 2015
Thank you for answer my question , the vk-172 use u-blox G7020-KT chip

I lock inside board no converter found , the ublox chip as i see i datasheet use usb and uart ..

In this kind of usb gps it connect to usb pinout in the G7020 chip ....

Please note that the drivers and usb gps work in other pda running wince 6  .

Maybe the problem in the device itself ?
Could you post a link to datasheet?
Could be a device itself.
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