How I can access to almanac and ephemeris data using UBX?

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How I can access to Almanac and ephemeris data using UBX as same as a Rinex file?

Thank you.
by amirtaba asked Jun 19, 2017
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Data subframes provided via UBX-RXM-SFRBX decoded per ICD-200?
by clive1 answered Jun 19, 2017
"The TRK commands are undocumented and unsupported, it doesn't mean they are not available or effective. Really can't discuss them here."

Why do you think u-Blox would be sensitive to this?
Really I don't know..? why ublox put commands and don't document them ? Maybe they are old commands and they don't want customers to use them anymore?
I'll try to find some description somewhere on the web..
Not sure if there is some autistic/asperger issue here where subtle social cues are missed, but it is the equivalent to going onto an Official Chinese website to have a discussion about Tanks in Tiananmen Square.

No they are secret  internal commands, and discussion will be censored. They sell premium products with official support for Raw Measurements, so doing it on a $8 part using non-sanctioned methods is frowned upon. I've got experience with receiver designs going back 25 years which all use carrier phase measurements, and correlators that can contain the carrier signal at sub-mm levels. Getting this data off a consumer grade receiver is generally considered of secondary importance, and specialized in it's use and application. It's expensive to support. even if documented, 99.9% of potential users would still need hand-holding.
Thank you very much for your clarification .

I didn't realized that this commands was reserved to "high end use designs". As you can see I'm a beginner in GPS subframes "exploitation" ^^ It's the first time I have to deal with others things than just standard NMEA sentences ..
Checking the raw goodness in the lab today