Are the U-Blox Wi-Fi modules certified for the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) ?

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Kindly give info if LILY, ELLA Wi-Fi modules are certified for the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) ? Its not available in u-Blox forums, website or in June 2017 catalog.
by abin444 asked Jun 19, 2017
by mazgch reshown Aug 21, 2017
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I just typed "red" into the search field on u-blox website and it gave me a list of all parts that have RED certifications.  I saw links to LILY and ELLA RED DoC in the list on different pages.
by grumpy answered Jun 19, 2017
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This is a user forum, not a pipeline to u-blox technical support. If dcumentation is not available on the u-blox public website, it is generally not available in the forum items.....but it is good that you at least searched the correct areas.

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by grampy answered Jun 19, 2017