How to connect BLE W2 series ?

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is there any configuration for W2 series to connect to another ble ? (in my case an android phone sony xperia z2)

because i cant connect with ble, but with classic, it can be paired and i can send data with serial com.

my configuration at odin : BLE as peripheral, no need to authentication

by verdytantowi asked Jun 19, 2017
by verdytantowi retagged Jun 20, 2017
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Not sure if it helps, but u-blox has some related examples in

by grumpy answered Jun 19, 2017
what i understand from the pdf is "how to connect from odin to odin" not from a device to an odin. and i thought, there will be many device will connected to the odin.

*PS: but im not sure how ble works