Power Routing - NEO-M8T

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I am trying to design a simple board for the NEO-M8T, with a USB connector and a +5V input.

I plan to use a voltage regulator for the +5V input pin and route the regulator output (3.3V) to the VCC pin.

Can i use the same regulator for the USB VBUS and route the output to VDD_VBUS?

Will this defeat the purpose of a separate VDD_VBUS pin? Can i have both the +5V supply and USB power feeding the chip at the same time?

I plan to use schottky diodes on both the VBUS and +5V nets.


Thank you.
asked 3 days ago by bubbleboy

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Refer to the Hardware Integration Manual (H.I.M.) document for guidance, and the Receiver Description and Protocol Reference for explanation. If you are a commercial customer of u-blox, you might request form u-blox a review of your design and implementation

VDD_VBUS is a sense input that indicates USB will be active. Yes, you should be able to connect VDD_VBUS to VCC at 3.3v as described in the H.I.M. Keep ANY 5V far away from NEO supply or IOs.
answered 3 days ago by grampy Senior Principal Expert
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