Power Routing - NEO-M8T

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I am trying to design a simple board for the NEO-M8T, with a USB connector and a +5V input.

I plan to use a voltage regulator for the +5V input pin and route the regulator output (3.3V) to the VCC pin.

Can i use the same regulator for the USB VBUS and route the output to VDD_VBUS?

Will this defeat the purpose of a separate VDD_VBUS pin? Can i have both the +5V supply and USB power feeding the chip at the same time?

I plan to use schottky diodes on both the VBUS and +5V nets.


Thank you.
by bubbleboy asked Jun 19, 2017
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Refer to the Hardware Integration Manual (H.I.M.) document for guidance, and the Receiver Description and Protocol Reference for explanation. If you are a commercial customer of u-blox, you might request form u-blox a review of your design and implementation

VDD_VBUS is a sense input that indicates USB will be active. Yes, you should be able to connect VDD_VBUS to VCC at 3.3v as described in the H.I.M. Keep ANY 5V far away from NEO supply or IOs.
by grampy answered Jun 19, 2017
by bubbleboy selected Jun 19, 2017
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