sara g350 gps problem

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hi all. i have to connect sara g350 to arduino uno and in the mcenter programe i try to do the GNSS test i have the message "GNSS receiver is not available" please help me.

by said asked Jun 19, 2017
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So does your board have a GPS receiver attached to the G350, or not?

Are you sure all the EVK combinations support GPS? Check the AT manual for the modem.
by clive1 answered Jun 19, 2017
thank you ..yes gps receiver it is attached to the g350 modem and the green led is blinking .all AT comonde is OK but thoes of positionning dont work  AT+UGPS=1,0   +CME ERROR: operation not supported
What GPS receiver are you using?
How is the GPS module connected to the SARA-G350 -- what is the spevific wiring and port?
Is this a u-blox EVK or your own project?
Where is the green light that is flashing-- on the GPS module, on an EVK, on the SARA subassembly, elsewhere? Do you have schematics?