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i use a low Microcontroller that only have max 80Bytes of Uart - Buffer. Can i set a option for the neo6m modul that it only send $GPRMC and $GPGGA.


by Joh asked Jan 15, 2016
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Avail yourself of the manual


There is a chapter on the NMEA protocol, with a section describing the CFG-MSG message numbers related to the NMEA sentences, which you can use to turn on/off specific sentences, and set periodicity.
by clive1 answered Jan 15, 2016
Thank you!
Is there a way to send the NMEA Sentences $ GPRMC and $ GPGGA differently with a time lag of one another?
I found the CFG-Rate, but it is sending the complete NMEA-Protocol with a time lag.

Thx for a reply.
Not sure I understand. You want RMC in one second, and GGA in the next second? For them to alternate?

What micro-controller are you using? Where does the 80 byte limit come from? Could you use the UBX binary messages, they are smaller and require less parsing/decoding? Like NAV-POSLLH and NAV-VELNED
Yes exact that -> "You want RMC in one second, and GGA in the next second? For them to alternate?"

Im using a PSoC1 Microcontroller "CY8C29466-24PXI" -> the max Uart-receive-Buffer=127Byte.
Perhaps you can process the sentences as you receive them? Surely this can be done faster than 1Hz, and doesn't require multiple sentences to be held in a single buffer.

Again, consider using the binary formats, requires significantly less processing overhead.
Unfortunately the receive-buffer is only 80-120Bytes big. --> No, "process the sentences as i receive them"
Not sufficiently familiar with the PSoC architecture, but quite slow micro-controllers can manage serial data streams a byte at a time, and use state machines to spread the parsing load. It definitely shouldn't need to hold multiple sentences simultaneously.

I'm not aware of a method to slew the dispatch of RMC/GGA

If you have to solve this with the parts you are using, you might need to be a lot less rigid in the methods you use.
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