Was this a real NEO-7?

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A while ago I asked about a fake M8N. It was not the simplest of things but luckily I got the matter resolved and I now get to break the item.

Here is picture from the inside of the chip. Is there a way to know if this chip was even a real 7?

There is the G7020-KT chip but then again no holes on the cover plate. The thing on the left could be a 26 MHz TCXO I guess but then there is no flash memory. I have understood that 7N should have both, 7M neither. 

by zappa asked Sep 30, 2016
by zappa edited Sep 30, 2016
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G7020-KT should have a unique chip ID in the OTP, so u-blox will know who was the customer that bought this batch.
by helge answered Sep 30, 2016
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Does look fake, no plans to pull cans off mine to confirm.
by clive1 answered Sep 30, 2016
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Here u-blox official statement regarding Counterfeit products and u-blox brand misuse.

by fmad answered Dec 15, 2016
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